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Grammy Nominated Artist Tom Wurth

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Grammy Nominated Artist Tom Wurth

Singer-Songwriter Experience

A very special night at The Finke Theatre.  What a wonderful audience. 

Best comment less than half way through Tom's show, "Can't wait for him to come back again!"

Bridges & Backroads Tour

Tom Wurth - John Ford Coley - Billy Dean

Via Watertown Public Opinion, Watertown SD

Transformation of Goss Opera House is amazing

After attending my first concert in several years at the Goss on Oct. 30th, I was amazed at the transformation that has taken place. The theater is absolutely beautiful, and the acoustics are unbelievable.

The performers were John Ford Coley, Billy Dean and Tom Wurth, who make up the Backroads & Bridges tour. Each of these performers played acoustic guitars and sang both individually and for a few songs together. I have been going to concerts for many, many years and this rates right at the top of any concert I have seen. The acoustics in the theatre made the music sound so pure it was if they were playing for you in your own living room.

My hat is off to all the people who helped revive the Goss, and to Doug Sharp for bringing such a wonderful show to Watertown.

Dennis Murphy, Watertrown

Tom Wurth Returns to Le Claire

Music is Alive & Well In This Iowa River Town

Tom Wurth brought his soulful performance style back to Dirty Water Music in Le Claire IA in August of 2021.  

His show was one that kept giving long after he left the stage prompting a revival of music from attending musicians and those with a heart for the music.

Doc Ray Burge, the owner and a performer in his own right, hosted Wurth again to an audience scattered on the back lawn overlooking the stage.  The audience quickly became part of the show singing along and several of Wurth's family members attending joined him on stage for numbers.

Bridges & Backroads at The Franklin Theatre

Nashville Turns Out for The Show

This almost sold out show, with only a few seats remaining, was a huge success. 

Grammy Nominated Artist Tom Wurth took the stage first, followed by Grammy Nominated John Ford Coley (formerly of England Dan and John Ford Coley) and Grammy Winner Billy Dean.  

Check out the videos including a final number from Dean with Tom Wurth.  

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Rodd Bland Invites Tom to Play at his EP Release Event at B B Kings - Memphis

Rodd Bland and his Members Only Band Releases an EP Honoring his Father, Bobby Blue Bland

Tom was asked by Rodd Bland to Perform Haggard's "Today I Started Loving You Again" & Bobby Blue Bland's "You've Got to Hurt Before You Heal."

Bland, leads his band as a drummer (he played drums for his Dad also) and his Members Only Band backed Wurth on both songs.

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Tom Wurth Performs with John Ford Coley

Petersburg WV

Tom Wurth along with John Ford Coley played over the Independence Day weekend in Petersburg WV

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Houston Herald - June 15, 2019

Wurth discusses Saturday performance in Houston By Ed Button - June 10, 2019 - Click to Listen

Tom Wurth Plays the 2nd Annual Bobby Blue Bland Tribute