Professional Print PR Materials for Your Music Career

You’ve invested your heart and soul into your music and you deserve to have the best support materials available to consistently and effectively present your brand to the industry and the public.

We live in that same creative world and know how important perception is in these presentations.

A well-crafted bio and one sheet are essential for any artist for web use, social media, brochures and other digital and print requirements. We can also provide other writing solutions when you need a Cut-by-Cut for your new album or a Press Release to announce your achievements.

As your own brand it is important your bio, one sheet and other digital and print materials communicates that brand consistently across the board.

Our job is to take this task off your list so your music is your number one priority and to do it in a way that conveys your unique persona and musical style.

Are you ready? Visit our How It Works Page and check out our Packages to begin your next step in promoting your music.

Additional Writing Services Offered

For Musicians and Songwriters - Print It PR can also provide Cut-by-Cuts, One Sheets, Press Releases, Social Media Content

For Other Artists - We are not limited to one genre of music or even to a specific art form.  If you need a Bio or other written PR materials we can help.

Corporate - Here at Print It PR we are well versed in writing a wide variety of corporate materials.  Contact our Creative Team to let us know your needs and we will discuss those with you and provide a customized quote.

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