What Should Be Included In Your EPK

An EPK should include the following.  It can be a password-protected page or a fully published page.

Elements will include your biography, a selection of high-resolution photos  (usually black and white and color with options for portrait or landscape) that venues and the press can use for print, a one-sheet/fact sheet that includes venues you've played and those you've shared the stage and studio with as well as career highlights and accomplishments.

What Is The Process for Creating a Musician Bio or One Sheet?  

Please note that for a Press Release it is a similar process of gathering information on your specific announcement, conducting an interview, and providing you the Release for revision (up to two revisions are included) before delivering the final product for your use.  All Press Releases should have a lead time of at least three weeks prior to the delivery date to provide the necessary time needed to complete the process from start to finish. 

A Cut-by-Cut will also follow that process.  Due to the variation in the number of songs each project will be quoted individually.  Contact our Creative Team for further info on this product. 

Where Do You Start? 

Take a look at our Packages and choose the one that best fits your individual needs.  Read over our Process below for a guideline on how we will proceed in achieving your goals.  If you have questions at any point contact us via our email and we can email you back or give you a call, whichever method you request. 

Now Let's Get Started Together! 

1.  Once you purchase the package that fits your needs you will receive a receipt and an Artist Interview Form download link.  Complete and email back this form (CreativeTeam@PrintItPR.com) to get the process rolling. It is a lot of questions, but answer as many as apply.  Thoroughness is key to preparing for your interview.  The more information we gather on your musical journey the better the end product will be for you.  
2.  We will review your information and set up a 30 minute phone interview time convenient to your schedule.  
3.  From the information gathered on the form and our discussion we will begin the writing process.  
 4.  You will have the ability to review your product (s) twice and make revisions before we send you the final product (s) in both PDF and Word format.  

Remember, that once your Package is complete it is yours and if you need to adjust you can do so. If you need further assistance we are only a call or email away and can quote revisions or additional projects to fill your needs.   

We are committed to being an integral member of your team in providing you with quality written materials to achieve your goals and future success.